Safety Assurance

The safety of our products including the manufacturing process is confirmed all times. Product safety is our first priority. SPTM manufactures under the very strict laws and guidelines of Japan”Ēs Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, which insist on world-leading safety standards. Together with the Japan Cosmetics Industry Association, we are working closely with the authorities, and taking appropriate steps to ensure that all our products are safe.

The following statement is issued by the Japan Cosmetics Industry Association on March 30, regarding recent events about the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power in Japan, in relation to the guaranteed safety of cosmetics products manufactured in Japan.

SPTM would like to reassure our customers around the world that our products are safe and can be used with confidence. We will continue to conduct independent tests as needed as a continuation of our intense focus on safety.


April 22, 2011

Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant I Accident and
Safety of Cosmetics Manufactured in Japan

Various reports regarding the accident are released every day by Japanese Government as well as by media including radioactive substances detected in drinking water and agricultural products in some area to Fukushima. Many of consumers must have concerns about the safety of cosmetics manufactured in Japan.

Japan Cosmetic Industry Association would like to extend the following message to consumers who hope to use cosmetics without concern. Cosmetic products manufactured in Japan are safe based on available data as shown in the below.

”ū1Cosmetics are manufactured in in-door environments highly controlling extraneous substances and particles. The possibility that radioactive substances in the atmosphere would affect the production process is extremely low.

”ū2Provided that the water with acceptable standard level of radioactive substances applied to drinking water designated by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is used in the all manufacturing process, and that the product is used every day for one year, the total amount of radiation exposure from the cosmetic product would be no more than 7.8 microsieverts per year, which has no effect on human health.

”ū3Japanese Government states the present level of radioactive substances in water supply does not pose any problem when used in contact with human skin by hand washing, shampooing, bathing, etc.
The same can be said for cosmetic products, which are mainly applied to the skin. Thus we believe cosmetic products, even if they are manufactured using the said water are safe when used under normal and foreseeable way.
As it is well known, we are exposed to 2400 microsieverts of naturally occurring radiation per year on average.

We, Japan Cosmetic Industry Association state that cosmetics produced in Japan will not in any way adversely affect consumers, health due to radioactive substances released into the atmosphere by the recent accident at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant I.

Japan Cosmetic Industry Association will continue to closely monitor the information released by Japan Government and other bodies, and will put top priority to all consumers in the world.

Japan Cosmetic Industry Association
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Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

i Calculations based on hypotheses that total of radioactive substances in cosmetics are taken into human body by use of cosmetics. Since the amount of cesium in the water supply is far below of the tentative regulated amount, the tentative regulated amount and the radioactive decay of 131| are used for the calculation, taking into account the days necessary for manufacturing, quality control, shipment from warehouse to consumers.

ii Calculation using the level of oral intake since no such figure exists for cosmetics at presents.

iii Report by the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR)