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Terms of Use:  SEPTEM Products Online Shopping

SEPTEM Products Co., Ltd. (we or us), offers the following terms of sale through "SPTM JAPAN online", operated by us.

Article 1 Scope of this Agreement
The terms of use governing the products sold through ¡ÈSPTM JAPAN online" are applicable to all customers who purchase product via the internet site ¡ÈSPTM JAPAN online". The terms of use governing this internet site are applied by SEPTEM Products Co.,Ltd.(we or us).

Article 2 Establishment of a sales contract
Once an order is placed and completed through ¡ÈSPTM JAPAN online", it is assumes a sales contract is established between the customer and us. However, in accordance with paragraph 5 of Article 3, we are permitted to reject this declaration of intent.

Article 3 Placing an order
1.You may place an Order through  "SPTM JAPAN online" 24 hours a day, however, order processing is done in business hours described in Paragraph 3 of Article 16 of the ¡ÈSPTM JAPAN online Customer Service": Please note that orders received outside business hours will be processed the next business day.
2.A confirmation email will be sent to customers from "SPTM JAPAN online" to confirm the order.
 3.Please advise in advance if the shipping address and registered address are different. If the delivery is not accepted at the time of product delivery, we will immediately cancel the order and may not notify you, in accordance with paragraph (4) Section 5 of this Article.  In addition, deliveries to a location, such as hotels and office accommodation, public facilities, etc. are not accepted.
4.Please note that as we are unable to deliver to some countries, some areas of the islands and some regions of Japan, etc. In this case, your order may not be accepted. In addition, available payment methods may be limited to cash options, such as COD. For more information, please contact SPTM JAPAN online Customer Service, detailed in Paragraph 3 of Article 16.
5.For the reasons stated below, or where the Company decides if it's appropriate, even if the customer has placed and completed an order and acceptance of declaration of intent has been established (the establishment of a sales contract) Article 2 allows for us to cancel an order. In that case, we will contact customers by the same method as the order confirmation set forth in section 2 of this Article. Please note that where we decide an order must be cancelled, we do not have a duty of explanation.
Examples of cases where an order may be cancelled:

(1)  If the order is contrary to the provisions of "SPTM JAPAN online"
(2)  If the payment corresponding to the fourth paragraph 2 of Article 2-1 in the case of credit card
(3)  If the reason is applicable to paragraph 4 of Article 5
(4)  If you were perceived as a credit risk
(5)  If the order is likely being placed with an intent to damage or disadvantage  the Company or another third person, or for any other reason
(6)  If the item you ordered was cancelled due to being out of stock, or no longer offered for sale
(7)  If we are continuously unable to deliver to the stated address due to no-one being at the address to accept the goods, or where computer and internet trouble from either the customer or the Company did not allow us to capture the necessary data to complete the order
(8)  If we considered that accepting this order may be a threat to public order

Article 4 Payment
1.Paying for orders is limited to the method described in the following sections.
2.If you pay by credit card, debit card
2-1  We will lodge your payment confirmation with your designated Credit Card Company (hereinafter called the "payment confirmation" below). In the following cases, we will, either before or after the payment confirmation, cancel or reject your order:
 (1)If there was any notification of breach of credit from the credit card company
 (2)If you do not have the ability to pay
2-2   Customer must be the credit card or debit card holder .
2-3   VISA and MASTER Cards are accepted.
2-4   Payment by the customer is based on each credit card company's Membership Agreement. Please check for details. In addition, we are not responsible in any way for any dispute that occurrs between the customer and credit companies.
2-5    Credit card payment due date may vary, depending on the Company or the customer's credit card company.
3.An invoice that clearly states the amount and quantity of items will be issued with the order. Please note that if the person's registration information is different from the addressee, the addressee will receive an invoice.
4.Receipt will not be sent together with the order. Please contact your credit card company for details.

Article 5 For shipping and delivery
1.Order will be dispatched after the completion of credit card or debit card payment confirmation.
2.Shipping and handling are as follows.
¡ü If the order is more than 10,000 yen (plus tax)
¡üIf the order less than 10,000 yen (plus tax)
Ž¥450 yen
3.Our procedures are completed after confirmation of paragraph 1 of this Article. Orders will be delivered in 5 to 8 days (some regions of Japan such as regional or island countries may take slightly longer). However, delivery date and time cannot be specified. Please note that delivery may be delayed due to the following:
3-1.  New Year holidays
3-2.  Japanese national holidays in early May from the end of April
3-3.   Japan's mid-August summer vacation
4.Between confirming the order and delivery to the stated address, transferring ownership of the products to a third party or offering the goods as collateral is strictly prohibited.
5.For any inquiries about delivery orders and shipment, please contact ¡ÈSPTM JAPAN online  Customer Service",  described in Paragraph 3 of Article 16.

Article 6 Returned goods, for exchange
1. We do not accept returned goods because of a change of mind. While we invest significant resources in our quality control processes, in the unlikely event of your order being damaged in transit, if what you received was not what you ordered, or if the goods you received are defective, in these cases only will an offer for exchange or refund be made.

Please ensure that our office is contacted within 7 days. After receiving the returned goods (postage to be paid by our company), these will be replaced and re-sent to you with new goods, or if you prefer, a refund.
2. Goods cannot be refunded in the following cases
¡¦If there is any scratch or damage made by the customer
¡¦If there is no contact within seven days after delivery
¡¦If those product are used or opened
3.For any request of return or exchange, before you return your purchase
Please contact SPTM JAPAN online Customer Service
Mail Address: (Hours of Operation: 9:30am-5:30pm)
Instructions on how to return your purchase will be communicated to you at the time you contact our office.
4.In the case of returned of goods, we will make the refund after the products have arrived at our office. However, if you fall under paragraph 1 of this Article, we will deduct the necessary expenses and make the refund, as set forth in that paragraph. The calculation of repayment will be made at our discretion, and will include the time it took us to complete the refund, and including any interest that may have accrued on the payment.

If the order is not successfully delivered due to the customer being absent more than 7 days from the date of the first delivery, the order may risk being sent back to us at the customer's expense.

Article 7 Provision of product information
Customers who purchase items at "SPTM JAPAN online" will receive products information by e-mail and other means. If you do not want to receive such information from us, we will stop providing it immediately.

Article 8 About the product
1.Please use our products only after carefully reading, and in line with the guidelines.
2.For product inquiries, please contact ¡ÈSPTM JAPAN online Customer Service" described in Paragraph 3 of Article 16

Article 9 Commodity price
Prices of products in "SPTM JAPAN online" may differ due to campaigns and different offers from time to time. In this case, the commodity price and the amount will be that displayed in the "SPTM JAPAN online" site.

Article 10 Limitation of liability
1.If any damage has occurred or if any defect in the product due to reasons attributable to the customer occurs, we will not be responsible for it.
2.If there is any defect in the product due to reasons attributable to us, please contact ¡ÈSPTM JAPAN online Customer Service" described in Paragraph 3 of Article 16.
3.For any damages and lost profits arising from any reason that cannot be attributable to our company, regardless of whether the damages or lost profits were, or were not, foreseeable by us, we do not assume liability.
4.For information about using the products, please follow the instructions applicable to the goods. We are not responsible for any damage caused by misuse of the products.
5.Colours and shades of the product, may differ slightly due to PC monitor settings and differences in printing quality.
6.If we cannot meet our obligations due to force majeure and other natural disasters, we will notify you, and you will then have the right to terminate the contract. In this case, any payment shall be refunded to the customer, and neither party (the customer or the Company) will make any further claims.

Article 11 Copyright
The use of any information obtained from the "SPTM JAPAN online" site such as, but not limited to duplicates, reprints, distribution information, sales and copyright infringements is not allowed, other than for the customer's personal use.

Article 12 Trademark
SEPTEM Products Co., Ltd. has copyright and other intellectual property rights of all sentences, images, videos, and illustrations published in this website. Please refrain from reproduction without obtaining the consent from us in advance, where it is beyond the scope of private use. The customer agrees not to redistribute any trademarks listed in this website (logo, service marks, etc.).  Unauthorised use without permission from the Company is not allowed.

Article 13 Suspension or deactivation of "SPTM JAPAN online"
Due to computer failure, network equipment, power failure, acts of God, maintenance work, or other related events, ¡ÈSPTM JAPAN online" may be shut down temporarily.

Article 14 Revising or closing "SPTM JAPAN online"
We shall be able to make changes to the terms and conditions of operation of the "SPTM JAPAN online" without prior notice. In addition to this, for operational or technical reasons, we may choose to suspend or shut down the ¡ÈSPTM JAPAN online" internet site.

Article 15 Handling of customer information
Information that you entered when you made a purchase is registered in our database. We may make modifications to the registration information for our own use and in order to manage this information internally. Customer information is used and managed in accordance with the Privacy Policy established by the Company.

Article 16 Distributors and other miscellaneous provisions
1.Rights and obligations arising in relation to this Agreement, will be in accordance with the laws of Japan, and falls under the jurisdiction of the Nagoya District Court, with respect to any litigation. Furthermore, should a customer choose to initiate court proceedings in any country outside the noted jurisdiction, this must be abandoned.
2.Operations and product sales "SPTM JAPAN online", our company has performed.

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